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Organizational network analysis is a method for studying communication[1] and socio-technical networks within a formal organization. It is a quantitative descriptive technique for creating statistical and graphical models of the people, tasks, groups, knowledge and resources of organizational systems. It is based on social network theory[2] and more specifically, dynamic network analysis.

Organizational network analysis software[edit]


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Software Type Targeted Users License
KeyNetiQ Organizational Network Mapping & Analysis. Modern and easy to use cloud-based application designed to capture and analyze complex networks of formal and informal relations within an organization. Any organization Proprietary Social Network Analysis & Organizational Network Analysis All Proprietary
Kumu Web-Based Relationship Visualization Social Impact, Business, Government & Policy Proprietary
DNA-7 Web-Based self diagnostic tool that allows managers and consultants to have full organization diagnostic including insights and action items for improvement Any organization Commercial
Socilyzer A complete, web-based organizational network analysis tool for managers and management consultants. Any organization Commercial
SYNAPP Web-Based Organizational Network Analysis, Visualization and Recommendations Any organization Proprietary