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The residential towers of the Orgues de Flandre, in Paris 19th arrondissement.

The Orgues de Flandre, which can be translated as Organs of Flanders, are a group of residential buildings located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, France.

Built from 1974 to 1980 by the architect Martin van Trek, the buildings are located at 67-107 avenue de Flandre and 14-24 rue Archereau. The buildings are a housing project of 6 ha, made of many buildings of 15 floors and four dominating towers:

  • Tour Prélude (or Tour 1): 123 meters, 38 floors.
  • Tour Fugue (or Tour 2): 108 meters, 32 floors.
  • Tour Cantate (or Tour 3): 101 metres, 30 floors.
  • Tour 4: 90 metres, 25 floors.

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Coordinates: 48°53′24″N 02°22′24″E / 48.89000°N 2.37333°E / 48.89000; 2.37333