Oriel House, Westland Row

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This article is about the building that housed the former CID Headquarters, Dublin. For the hotel in Ballincollig, County Cork, see Oriel House.
Oriel House
South façade, Oriel House, Westland Row
Former names Dunlop House
General information
Type Offices
Location Westland Row/Fenian St., Dublin
Owner Trinity College, Dublin

Oriel House, Westland Row is a building at the intersection of Westland Row and Fenian Street in Dublin. It was the headquarters of Dunlop Rubber, and the address at which the original pneumatic tyre patent was draughted in 1893 'for the wheels of Velocipedes and other Vehicles'.[1] During the Irish Civil War, it became the base for the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Irish Free State's nascent police force.[2] It was used by the Department of Lands in the late 1940s,[3] and Gaeltarra Eireann had its head office there in the 1950s.[4] Currently it is owned by Trinity College, Dublin and serves as the headquarters for CTVR, The Telecommunications Research Centre.[5]


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Coordinates: 53°20′31″N 6°15′01″W / 53.342046°N 6.250269°W / 53.342046; -6.250269