Orient Overseas (International) Limited

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This article is about the parent company of Orient Overseas Container Line. For the subsidiary of Orient Overseas (International) Limited, see Orient Overseas Container Line.
Orient Overseas (International) Limited
Type Listed company
Industry Shipping and Logistics
Founded 1969
Founders Mr. Tung Chao Yung
Headquarters Hong Kong (Principal Office)
Bermuda (Registered Office)
Key people Chairman: Mr. Tung Chee-chen
Website www.ooilgroup.com

Orient Overseas (International) Limited (OOIL) (SEHK316) is an investment holding company which involves in international transportation and logistics, and property investment and property development.[1] It is the parent company of Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), one of the world's leading container transport and logistics service providers.[2]

OOIL was founded in 1969 in Hong Kong by Mr. Tung Chao Yung. After Tung Chao Yung's death in 1982, Mr. Tung Chee-hwa, his elder son, succeeded to be the chairman of OOIL. In 1996, Mr. Tung Chee-chen, Tung Chao Yung's younger son and Tung Chee Wah's younger brother, took over the chairman position since Tung Chee Wah's election as Chief Executive of Hong Kong.[3]

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