Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation

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Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation
Abbreviation OPBF
Formation 1952 (as OBF)
Type Federation of national professional boxing commissions
Headquarters JapanJapan
Region served
Asia and Oceania
16 national commissions and 3 regional commissions
Official language
Yewkow Hayashi
Affiliations World Boxing Council
Website http://www.opbf.jp/
Remarks OPBF was established as "Oriental Boxing Federation"

The Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) is a professional boxing organization that sanctions title fights in the Asian and Pacific region.


The OPBF was formed in 1954 by the Japanese, Korean, and Filipino boxing commissions. It was originally named the Orient Boxing Federation, but changed to the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation when the Australian National Boxing Federation joined in 1977. Members of the OPBF regional group are Australia, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, PAMA, Philippines, Republic of China, Samoa, Taiwan, Thailand and Tonga.[1]

The OPBF helped form the World Boxing Council in 1963 and is currently affiliated with that organization.


16 national commissions and 3 regional commissions (Hong Kong , Guam and Hawaii).

Current OPBF title holders[edit]


Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Minimumweight Japan Kosei Tanaka 30 October 2014
Light Flyweight Philippines Jonathan Taconing 25 March 2014
Flyweight VACANT
Super Flyweight Philippines Arthur Villanueva 19 December 2013
Bantamweight Japan Ryosuke Iwasa 6 December 2013
Super Bantamweight Japan Shingo Wake 10 March 2013
Featherweight Japan Hisashi Amagasa 14 October 2013
Super Featherweight Thailand Jomthong Chuwattana 29 March 2012
Lightweight Japan Masayoshi Nakatani 11 January 2014
Super Lightweight VACANT
Welterweight Japan Yoshihiro Kamega 7 December 2013
Super Welterweight VACANT
Middleweight Japan Akio Shibata 4 May 2013
Super Middleweight Japan Yuzo Kiyota 10 December 2013
Light Heavyweight VACANT
Cruiserweight Australia Brad Pitt 18 November 2011
Heavyweight Australia Solomon Haumono 31 December 2012

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