Orinoco River Crossing

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A view of the three pylons over the Orinoco river

The Orinoco River Crossing is an overhead power line crossing for two 400 kV-circuits over the Orinoco River in Venezuela. It is between the states of Anzoátegui and Bolívar, just west of Morocure (between the cities of Ciudad Bolivar and Ciudad Guayana), north of the confluence of Routes 1 and 19.

It consists of three pylons, from which one is placed on an island in the Orinoco River. Each of the pylon is 240 metres tall and equipped with three crossbars for 6 conductors. The pinnacles of the pylons are V-shaped for carrying two ground conductors. The width of the both span fields are 2,537 and 2,161 metres (questionable, see talk page).

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Coordinates: 8°16′30″N 62°54′07″W / 8.275°N 62.902°W / 8.275; -62.902