Orion Cinema Network

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Orion Cinema Network
Owned by Daewoo Broadcasting (1995-1999)
Orion Confectionery (On-Media) (1999-2010)
CJ E&M Broadcasting Group (2010-present)
Slogan "South Korea's Number 1 Movie Channel"
Country South Korea
Formerly called Daewoo Cinema Network (1995-1999)
Sister channel(s) Mnet
Channel CGV
National Geographic Korea
Chunghwa TV
Super Action
Badook TV
OCN Series
Website ch.interest.me/OCN/

Orion Cinema Network, most commonly known by the abbreviation OCN, is a movie channel on basic cable throughout South Korea, owned by CJ E&M.[1] In the 2000s it became the most viewed station in South Korea, which prompted them to create their widely recognized English-language slogan, "Korea number-one channel." With cable TV penetration quite high in South Korea, OCN is a popular movie resource.

OCN's lineup is a mixture of movies from several years ago or earlier, particularly during the daytime, with more recent films during evening prime-time hours. They do not air movies that are as recent as those of sister station CatchOn, a pay service offered on cable TV. They also show episodes of popular overseas television series, mostly from the United States.



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