Orphey Hydroelectric Power Station

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Orphey Hydro Power Plant
Orphey Hydroelectric Power Station is located in Bulgaria
Orphey Hydroelectric Power Station
Location of Orphey Hydro Power Plant
Country Bulgaria
Location Krichim
Coordinates 41°56′33″N 24°27′8″E / 41.94250°N 24.45222°E / 41.94250; 24.45222Coordinates: 41°56′33″N 24°27′8″E / 41.94250°N 24.45222°E / 41.94250; 24.45222
Status Active
Owner(s) NEK EAD
Power generation
Primary fuel Hydropower
Units operational 4
Nameplate capacity 160 MW

The Orphey Hydro Power Plant is an active hydro power project near Krichim, Bulgaria. It has 4 individual Francis turbines[1] which will deliver up to 160 MW of power. One of the turbines can be used as a pump as well (38 MW), making this power plant a pumped storage type. The plant uses water from the Vacha Reservoir, and is part of the Dospat-Vacha Hydro Power Cascade. The plant is named after Orpheus, who is said to have lived in these lands.


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