Orsamål dialect

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Native to Sweden
Region Orsa Municipality
Native speakers
about 500  (date missing)[citation needed]
Official status
Regulated by Ossmolslag [1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Orsamål (ossmol) is a dialect of Dalecarlian. Orsamål is spoken within the Orsa municipality in northern Dalecarlia.


Dalecarlian is a North Germanic language that has probably existed since the Swedish language separated from Norwegian. Dalecarlian is divided into three geographical areas; Västerdalarna, Uvosiljan and Nidåsiljan. Uvosiljan is then divided into seven dialects; Evmol or Övmål, Orsmol, Vuomusmål or Wåmusmol, Wänåsmål, Mormål, Sooldmol and Örmol. Sooldmål, Wänåsmål and Vuomusmål often used to be included in Mormål, even if Vuomusmål is more reminiscent of Elfdalian (Övmål). Örmål is more closely related to Mormål rather than Orsmol, even though Ore is geographicly closer to Orsa.