Orso I Participazio

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Orso I Participazio (died 881) was the 14th (traditional)[clarification needed] and 12th (historical)[citation needed] Doge of Venice from 864 to his death.

He was elected, probably by acclamation, immediately after the assassination of his predecessor, Pietro Tradonico. By the end of the year, the assassins were captured, convicted, and executed, probably beheaded. Orso continued like Tradonico to fight the pirates, Slavic or Saracen, which inhabited the Adriatic. He was aided by newly constructed larger ships.

Orso presented to the Byzantine emperor Basil I a bell for the basilica Hagia Sophia. He died a natural death and was succeeded by his son, Giovanni II.


Political offices
Preceded by
Pietro Tradonico
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Giovanni II Participazio