Russian Orthodox Church in Azerbaijan

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The Russian Orthodox Church is the main group of Eastern Orthodoxy in Azerbaijan. Many of its members are Russians. Azerbaijan is a mainly Shiite Muslim country which used to be part of the Russian Empire and the USSR. The Holy Myrrhbearers Cathedral, the Church of Michael Archangel and at least one further [1] Russian Orthodox church exist in Baku.


The first Russian Orthodox church in Baku was built in 1815.[1] Russian Orthodox churches had been built in Ganja and Şamaxı previously.[1] In 1905, Baku Eparchy, nowadays Baku and Caspian Eparchy, was established.[1] There used to be an Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Baku. In the Soviet area, there was persecution of Christians.[1] In 1944, a Russian Orthodox church was reopened in Baku.[1]

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