University of Ferrara Botanic Garden

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The University of Ferrara Botanic Garden is a 4,500 square metre botanical garden operated by the University of Ferrara. It is located at Corso Porta Mare, 2b, I-44100 Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, and is open weekday mornings. Admission is free.

The university's garden was originally established in 1771 at a location on the via Paradiso, but in 1963 it was moved to its present location. It currently contains about 1300 species in its greenhouse (243 m²), and some 700 species outdoors, arranged into four major sections as follows:

  • Exotic plants
  • Theme gardens - ornamental plants in an aquatic garden, English garden, Italian garden, Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, rock garden, and shade garden.

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Coordinates: 44°50′35.66″N 11°37′25.72″E / 44.8432389°N 11.6238111°E / 44.8432389; 11.6238111