Orto Botanico di Villa Beuca

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The Orto Botanico di Villa Beuca (34,000 m²) is a botanical garden located on the grounds of the Villa Beuca beside the Regional Natural Park of Beigua, Villaggio Olandese, Cogoleto, Province of Genoa, Liguria, Italy. The garden is open Wednesdays and Saturdays; an admission fee is charged.

The garden is divided into a teaching area (3500 m²), natural area (11,000 m²), and a set of Ligurian environments (19,000 m²) including marine cliff and pools, Mediterranean scrub, heat-loving woodlands, middle woodlands, cultivated areas, field, wall, wetland, calcareous soil, siliceous soil, serpentine soil, lawn, and an alpine area.

It contains a variety of plants from Liguria and around the world, including Castanea sativa, Quercus ilex, Quercus pubescens, Ruscus aculeatus, Smilax aspera, Viburnum tinus, as well as Calluna vulgaris, Convolvulus sabatius, Cytisus scoparius, Euphorbia spinosa subsp. ligustica, Helichrysum italicum, Hypericum perforatum, Juniperus communis, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, Saponaria ocymoides, Satureja montana, Thymus pulegioides, Ziziphus jujuba, and Artemisia absinthium, Borago officinalis, Chelidonium majus, Foeniculum vulgare, Lavandula angustifolia, Melissa officinalis, Origanum vulgare, and Rosmarinus officinalis.

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