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The Orya, literally means "The pork", in a Greek comedy written by Epicharmus in 500 B.C, mentioned by Hesychius.[1]

The name 'Orya' is also an uncommon Hebrew name that derives from the roots 'Or' ('light', 'illumination') and 'ya' ('God', 'deity), meaning 'the light of God'. It occurs in the early parts of Genesis as an abstract describing the authority of Yahweh vis-a-vis His creation of the world. 'Orya' is in the same tradition of 'Theodore' and 'Theodora' when it comes to first names that refer to the relationship between the person holding the name and God.


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The work Orya is originated from Oryakhail which is the name of one of the Pashtoon tribes. Orya is the family name of most of those who are from Oryakhail tribe. This tribe is in different parts of Afghanistan such as Kabul, Laghman balkh and Qarabagh...