Osaka Broadcasting Corporation

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City of license Osaka
Broadcast area Kansai region
Frequency 1314 kHz
First air date July 1, 1958
Format Talk, Sports
Power 50,000 watts
Affiliations NRN
Owner Sankei Shimbun
Website OBC1314

Osaka Broadcasting Corporation (大阪放送株式会社 Osaka Hoso Kabushiki-gaisha?, OBC) is an AM radio station of National Radio Network (NRN) in Osaka, Japan, and it is known as "Radio Osaka (ラジオ大阪 Rajio Osaka)". It is also a company of Sankei Shimbun Group in Fujisankei Communications Group. Radio Osaka started broadcasting on July 1, 1958.

Offices of Radio Osaka[edit]

Changing Frequency of Radio Osaka[edit]

  • 1958 - 1971: 1380 kHz, 3 kW
  • 1971 - 1978: 1310 kHz, 50 kW
  • 1978–Present: 1314 kHz, 50 kW



  • Osaka - 1314 kHz, 50 kW
  • Kyoto - 1314 kHz, 300W

Time signal[edit]

880 Hz (A5)


  • "OBC Song (OBCソング)" (the lyrics by Akiyuki Nosaka (野坂 昭如), music by Taku Izumi (いずみ たく)) is Japan's first commercial broadcasting station's song produced in 1961.
  • The present headquarters and performance place are located on the fourth floor of the harp hall of the large-sized building "ORC200" near Bentencho Station in Benten Itchome, Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan, and the stereophonic broadcast is performed from the time transferred here.


  • Yes! This is Toshiharu Harada (ほんまもん!原田年晴です)
  • Beppin Radio (高岡美樹のべっぴんラジオ)
  • Radio Yoshimoto Genki Super (ラジオよしもとむっちゃ元気スーパー)
  • 5 up Yoshimoto Gachimori (5upよしもと ガチモリ)
  • OBC Dramatic Keiba (OBCドラマティック競馬)
  • Sankei Express News (news bulletin)
  • 1314 V-STATION, etc.
  • Programs from other radio stations via network


Other radio stations in Osaka[edit]

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