Osaka Restoration Association

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Osaka Restoration Association
President Toru Hashimoto
Secretary-General Ichirō Matsui
Founded 19 April 2010 (2010-04-19)
Headquarters Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Ideology Grassroots democracy, populism, centrism, federalism, neoliberalism
National affiliation Japan Innovation Party
1 / 47
Osaka Prefectural Assembly seats
43 / 88
Osaka City Assembly seats
36 / 86
Sakai City Assembly seats
14 / 52

The Osaka Restoration Association (大阪維新の会 Ōsaka Ishin no Kai?) is a regional Japanese political party in Osaka Prefecture founded in 2010 by former TV personality and then-Governor Tōru Hashimoto. It pursues the Osaka Metropolis plan of merging the prefecture and some of its cities into "One Osaka" and wants to reduce affiliated organizations of Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka.

In Sakai city, the other designated city of the prefecture, Osami Takeyama had been elected mayor in 2009 with Hashimoto's support against incumbent Keisuke Kihara who was supported by the established national parties. In the unified local elections in April 2011, the Osaka Restoration Association won an outright majority in the prefectural assembly and became strongest party in the assemblies of both Osaka City and Sakai City. On November 27, 2011, in an unprecedented double election, Hashimoto and Secretary-General Ichirō Matsui were elected as Mayor of Osaka City and Governor of Osaka Prefecture respectively.

When the Japan Restoration Association, also headed by Hashimoto and Matsui, was founded in 2012 it was announced that the Osaka organization would be placed under the umbrella of the national party.[1]


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