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Kowloon East Barracks
Osborn statue in Hong Kong Park.

Osborn Barracks (Chinese: 奧士本軍營, now known as 九龍東軍營, lit. Kowloon East Barracks) was a British Army facility in Hong Kong. Located in the northern part of Kowloon on Waterloo Road and Junction Road (across the street from Hong Kong Baptist University. The military facility was it was named for Canadian Army Company Sergeant Major John Robert Osborn of the Winnipeg Grenadiers. Osborn was a British-born Canadian who died defending Hong Kong in 1941. He was awarded the Victoria Cross and a barracks in Hong Kong was named in his honour in 1945 after the liberation. Osborn is memorialised at Sai Wan War Cemetery and with a statue in Hong Kong Park on Hong Kong Island.

Part of the land of the Osborn Barracks (the east of Renfrew Road) was given to Hong Kong Baptist University for new campus development in early 1990s. However, the government refused to give the remaining land to the university.

After the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong the Osborn Barracks are used by the Chinese People's Liberation Army in Hong Kong.

The facility is criticized for blocking the way from Kowloon Tong Station to the area of Renfrew Road, causing inconvenience to the students from HKBU as well as IVE Lee Wai Lee Campus.[citation needed]

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