Oscar Dahlene

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Oscar Dahlene
Sport(s) College football
Current position
Team Ottawa University
Biographical details
Born (1886-04-24)April 24, 1886
United States
Died October 22, 1949(1949-10-22) (aged 63)
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S.
Playing career
1908-1909 Kansas
Position(s) Placekicker
Coaching career (HC unless noted)
1910 Ottawa
Head coaching record
Overall 2-3-1 (0.333)

Oscar J. Dahlene was a college football player and coach from the United States. He would later become the eighth president of Pritchett College in Glasgow, Missouri from 1917 until 1920.[1][2] He died in 1949 in Alabama.[3]

Playing history[edit]

Dahlene joined the football program his junior year at the University of Kansas as a placekicker and fullback[4] under head coach A. R. Kennedy.

As of the completion of the 2007 season, 1908 was the last season that the school would have finished the season undefeated and untied. KU was the undisputed Missouri Valley Conference champions and finished with a record of 9 wins, zero losses, and zero ties.[5] As a kicker, he was the only player to score in the first half of the Nebraska game in 1908, scoring 16 points.[6] Kansas won the game by a score of 20-15,[7] thus making Dahlene's 16 points critical to their undefeated 9-0 season and conference title.

For the 1909 season, KU would end up 8-1[8] and would mark the best start of 8 wins and 0 losses that the school would have until the 2007 season.[9]

Coaching history[edit]

After graduation from the University of Kansas, Dahlene would be named the fourth head college football coach for the Ottawa University Braves located in Ottawa, Kansas and he held that position for the 1910 season. His career coaching record at Ottawa was 2 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. This ranks him 24th at Ottawa in total wins and 20th at Ottawa in winning percentage (0.333). [10] During his one season as head coach, he was outscored by one point: 29 points to 30.

Dahlene's first game as a head coach was against his former mentor, A. R. Kennedy from the University of Kansas.

Season Results Table[11]

Game # W/L Opponent Score Notes
1 L Kansas 0-11 Opposing coach A. R. Kennedy accumulated more wins than any other coach at KU and is second in winning percentage. Game was played October 10, 1910 in Lawrence, Kansas.[12]
2 W Washburn University 9-0 Washburn ended the season 4-4[13]
3 T Baker University 3-3 Baker returned to competition this year because the Kansas conference of the Methodist church had banned the game from the Baker campus in 1893[14]
4 W Haskell Indian Nations University 11-0 Home game on November 13, 1910[15] This was one of seven losses for Haskell, who completed the season at an uncharacteristic poor record of 2-7[16]
5 L Kansas Normal School 0-5 Opposing coach Fred Honhart completed season 5-2.[17]
6 L William Jewell College 6-11 William Jewell fielded Charles M. Boyer, future US Army Colonel and member of the Southern Football Officials’ Association[18]


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