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Oskar (Oscar) Hans Antze (24 October 1878 – 23 April 1962[1] ) was a German chess player.

He shared 1st with Hugo Süchting at Kiel 1900 (Quadrangular); took 4th at Hamburg 1905 (Quadrangular); took 4th at Bremen 1906 (Quadrangular); won at Leipzig 1913.[2]

After World War I, Dr. Antze tied for 3rd–5th at Bad Oeynhausen 1922 (22nd DSB–Congress, Ehrhardt Post won); took 6th at Hannover 1926 (Aron Nimzowitsch won); drew a short match with Efim Bogoljubow (1 : 1) at Bremen 1927;[3] tied for 8th–9th at Duisburg 1929 (26th DSB–Congress, Carl Ahues won);[4] took 8th at Bad Aachen 1934 (2nd GER-ch, Carl Carls won); took 4th at Bremen 1933 (Quadrangular).[5]


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