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Oslo Package 3 is a political agreement and plan for investments of NOK 53 billion in Oslo and Akershus, Norway. It involves financing for road and public transport infrastructure, as well as operating subsidies to public transport in the period 2008–27. It will be part of the National Transport Plan 2010–19. In addition to state grant, the main financing will be through toll ring around Oslo.

The plan is a follow-up on its predecessors, the Oslo Package 1 and Oslo Package 2.

Public transport projects[edit]

Highway projects[edit]

Environmental impact[edit]

Although Oslo Package 3 has been presented as an environmental project that will save the public transport in the Oslo area, doubt has been raised as to the actual impact of the project. In a report ordered by the Norwegian Society of Chartered Scientific and Academic Professionals by the consulting company Civitas that the emission of greenhouse gases will increase with 50% in the period 1991–2025 with Oslo Package 3, despite the Oslo City Council having voted to reduce emissions with 50% from 1990-level by 2030.[1]


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