Oslo Synagogue

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Exterior of the synagogue in Oslo, note concrete barriers

The Oslo Synagogue is a synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The congregation was established in 1892, but the present building was erected 1920. Architectural historian Carol Herselle Krinsky describes the two-story tall, stuccoed building with a round tower topped with a spire supporting a Star of David as resembling "a simple and charming country chapel.'[1]

King Harald V and Crown Prince Haakon visited the synagogue in June, 2009.[2][3]

The synagogue was the site of a 2006 attack with firearms by four men. No one was injured.[4] The four were a 29-year-old man of Pakistani origin, a 28-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani, a 28-year-old Norwegian of foreign origin, and a 26-year-old Norwegian.[5]


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