Central Slovenia Statistical Region

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Central Slovenia Statistical Region
Osrednjeslovenska statistična regija
Statistical region
Central Slovenia Statistical Region in Slovenia.svg
Municipalities 26
Largest city Ljubljana
 • Total 2,555 km2 (986 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 512,675
 • Density 200/km2 (520/sq mi)
 • Households 203453
 • Employed 265505
 • Registered unemployed 19085
 • College/university students 30705
 • Regional GDP: EUR
(17 954 EUR per capita)

The Central Slovenia Statistical Region (Slovene: Osrednjeslovenska statistična regija) is a statistical region in central Slovenia. It includes the Slovene capital Ljubljana and is the most densely populated area of Slovenia. It has the second largest area in the country with good traffic connections in all directions and is economically the most developed region. Wages in this region are the highest in the country and the region is also attractive from the point of view of migration.


The Central Slovenia Statistical Region comprises the following 26 municipalities:

The municipality of Litija is part of the region until January 2015; it will become part of the Central Sava Statistical Region in 2015.[citation needed]


The population in 2009 was 512,675. It has a total area of 2,555 km².


Employment structure: 69.7% services, 28.1% industry, 2.2% agriculture.


It attracts 13.2% of the total number of tourists in Slovenia, most being visitors from abroad who visit Ljubljana (90.7%).


  • Length of motorways: 169 km
  • Length of other roads: 3,540 km


Coordinates: 46°03′00″N 14°31′00″E / 46.05000°N 14.51667°E / 46.05000; 14.51667