Osterville Bay Elementary School

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Osterville Elementary School
West Bay Road
Barnstable, Massachusetts, Barnstable County, 02635
United States
Coordinates 41°37′33.23″N 70°23′6.76″W / 41.6258972°N 70.3852111°W / 41.6258972; -70.3852111Coordinates: 41°37′33.23″N 70°23′6.76″W / 41.6258972°N 70.3852111°W / 41.6258972; -70.3852111
School type Public Elementary School
Established 1915
Status Closed
Closed 2008
School district Barnstable Public School District
Superintendent Patricia Grenier
Grades K-2
Average class size 20s
Language English
Communities served Osterville, Cotuit

Osterville Bay Elementary School was a public elementary school located in Osterville, Massachusetts. It housed grades K-2 for most of Cotuit and Osterville students. The school was operated by the Barnstable Public School District. At one time or another, the school housed people from every village in town, a rare feat for schools in the town. On June 17, 2008 the school was closed as a cost-cutting measure for the town.


Built in 1915, the building cost $13,055.99. From 1915 to 1961, the school was the only operational school in the village. In 1961, Osterville Elementary School opened a mile and a half away, on Bumps River Road. Students were moved from the building into the new school and the superintendent's office was moved to the building for the next ten years.[1]

In 1971, the superintendent vacated the facilities and the building was renamed the Grade 6 Annex for the next five years. It housed approximately three hundred sixth graders from Centerville, Hyannis, Marstons Mills, and Cotuit during this time.[1]

From 1972-1975, culinary students from Barnstable Vocational High School cooked lunch for the sixth graders. From 1976 to 1985 the building was home to the original location of Cape Cod Academy. When a new facility was built a mile away, the facility was vacant once again. Renovations were performed on the building and it was renamed Osterville Bay Elementary School. Originally, it housed kindergarten and grades four and five. On June 17, 2008, the aging building was closed and the students were once again moved to Osterville Elementary School. At the time it closed, it was the oldest operating school house on Cape Cod.[1][2]

After the building was closed, it was declared surplus and bids were allowed to be placed on the property. The nearby Osterville Baptist Church placed a bid for $30,000 for the property with plans to invest another million to preserve and upgrade the property.[3]


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