Osuga River

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Osuga River
Osuga river in Kuvshinovo town 02.JPG
The Osuga in Kuvshinovo
Origin Valdai Hills
Mouth Tvertsa River
Basin countries Russia
Length 167 km
Source elevation  
Avg. discharge 17.9 m³/s
Basin area 241 km²

Osuga River (Russian: река́ Осу́га) is a river in Selizharovsky, Kuvshinovsky, Torzhoksky, and Spirovsky Districts of Tver Oblast of Russia, a right tributary of the Tvertsa River[1] The town of Kuvshinovo is located at the banks of the Osuga.

The source of the Osuga is in the south-eastern part of the Valdai Hills, in the east of Selizharovsky District. The Osuga flows east, making a stretch of a border between Selizharovsky and Kuvshinovsky District, and enters Kuvshinovsky District. In the village of Taraskovo, there is a dam, making a pond. Further downstream, the Osuga flows through town of Kuvshinovo.


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Coordinates: 57°16′03″N 34°48′27″E / 57.2675°N 34.8075°E / 57.2675; 34.8075