Othello (ballet)

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Live album by San Francisco Ballet Orchestra
Released June 2, 1998
Recorded Davies Symphony Hall, April 20, 1998.
Genre Classical, Avante Garde
Length 69:05
Label Varèse Sarabande,
Producer Joel Iwataki
Elliot Goldenthal chronology
Juan Darien: A Carnival Mass (1996) Othello
The Green Bird (1999)

Othello is an orchestral score composed by Elliot Goldenthal for Lar Lubovitch's production of the ballet in 1997 and released commercially on the Varèse Sarabande label. The ballet was commissioned by The American Ballet Theater and The San Francisco Ballet.

The score is generally less atonal than many of Goldenthal's film scores but vastly more complex as he is required to provide not only the music but also all of the complex ambience and to set the pace and rhythm for the dancers on the stage.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Act I: Sarabande (3:12)
  2. Act I: Entrada (2:24)
  3. Act I: Carnival Dance (2:09)
  4. Act I: Cassio (2:36)
  5. Act I: Formal Court Dance (5:09)
  6. Act I: Othello And Desdemona (6:08)
  7. Act I: Zigzag Dance (1:47)
  8. Act I: Iago And Emilia (5:06)
  9. Act II: Storm And Ships' Arrival (8:51)
  10. Act II: Tarantella (14:12)
  11. Act III: Lies And Variations: Lies And Variations/Iago And Othello/Othello's Solo Dance (7:44)
  12. Act III: Desdemona's Prayer (5:25)
  13. Act III: Adagietto And Coda Agitato (6:25)



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