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The Otley Run is a pub crawl in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The route follows the A660, also known as Otley Road at the point the pub crawl commonly begins. The Otley Run is a popular social gathering for student clubs and societies from The University of Leeds, Leeds College of Music, Leeds College of Art, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Metropolitan University and The University of Bradford. [1] and is also a common activity for birthdays and other celebrations.[2] among graduates and city residents.[3] Participants often wear fancy dress[4] and coordinate their costumes to a particular theme. It is also traditional for students of the local Notre Dame Sixth Form College to do the Otley Run on their last day.

History of the route[edit]

Initially, the route covered only Tetley pubs, passing the University's main playing fields at Bodington Hall and Weetwood, and many of the University's student flats. With the closure of Weetwood, Cavendish, and Tetley Hall student residences and the opening of others beyond of city centre, the modern route has moved south of the original, usually starting at Woodies in Far Headingley instead. The chosen route may also extend beyond the University bars to city centre club nights.[5]It is considered to be one of the longest established pub crawls available. Inclusion of pubs away from the main road has always been regarded as optional, with followers of the extended list (known alternatively as the Headingley Mile) often starting early to allow time to visit as many venues as possible.

The route[edit]

Depending on the route taken, the Otley Run can include 20 drinking establishments,[6] namely: start.

1. Villagers Hotel, Far Headingly

2. Woodies Ale House, Far Headingley

3.The Three Horseshoes, Far Headingley

4.The New Inn, Far Headingley

5.Havana Bar and Cocktail Lounge, Headingley (formerly Voodoo Bar)

6.Headingley Taps, Headingley[note 1]

7. Trio, Headingley

8.The Arc, Headingley[note 1]

9. The Box, Headingley[note 1]

10. The Skyrack, Headingley

11. The Original Oak, Headingley

12. The Royal Park, Hyde Park

13. The Hyde Park, Hyde Park Corner

14. The Library, Woodhouse Lane (formerly Feast and Firkin)[note 1]

15. The Packhorse, Woodhouse Lane

16. The Eldon, Woodhouse Lane

17. The Old Bar, Leeds University Union[note 2]

18. The Terrace, Leeds University Union[note 2]

19. The Fenton, Woodhouse Lane

20. Strawberry Fields,(Strawbs) Woodhouse Lane

21. The Dry Dock, Woodhouse Lane

Other university pub crawls[edit]


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  2. ^ a b Student Union buildings sometimes require an NUS or Union Life Membership card to be produced, or that you sign in as the guest of a card holder.


Coordinates: 53°49′14″N 1°34′37″W / 53.8205°N 1.577°W / 53.8205; -1.577