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Otoyol 3
Europe Motorway
Avrupa Otoyolu
Route information
Part of AH1
Length: 232 km (144 mi)
Major junctions
From: Edirne West
To: Mahmutbey East, Istanbul
Regions: Marmara
Provinces: Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Istanbul
Major cities: Edirne, Istanbul
Highway system

Otoyol 3 (English: Motorway 3), abbreviated as O-3, aka Avrupa Otoyolu (English: Europe Motorway), is a toll motorway in Marmara Region's Eastern Thrace section in Turkey, connecting the cities Edirne and Istanbul. From its western terminus to the junction with O-2, it is part of international routes as of European E80 and Asian Highway AH1. O-3 is one of the busiest motorways in Turkey alongside O-4.

The motorway starts at Edirne West, where it joins the D.100 coming from the checkpoint Kapıkule at Bulgarian border, Turkey's gateway to Europe. It runs south-eastwards bypassing the city in the north and terminates in Istanbul, linking to the two beltways of Istanbul O-1 and O-2. The 240 km (150 mi) long motorway passes through the provinces Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ and Istanbul.

Between Edirne-Silvri is continuously 6 lanes (3 by 2). Silivri-Istanbul part is also 6 lanes but there are some sections where it is 4 lanes (2 by 2).

Province km Exit No. Destinations Notes
Edirne 0 0 AB-grün.svg
Edirne West Eastbound only
Continues westbound as D.100
11.5 11.5 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K2 Lalapaşa D.535
4.3 15.8 AB-AS-grün.svg K3 Edirne East
To D-100
Last exit before toll plaza
Péage - paiement.png Toll plaza
Zeichen 314.svg, Parking Area
19.9 35.7 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K4 Havsa 22-27 (E87)
Kirklareli AB-Autobahnkiosk.svg Babaeski Service Area
27.2 62.9 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K5 D.555 (E87) – Babaeski
Zeichen 314.svg Parking Area
24.4 87.3 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K6 Lüleburgaz To D.565
Zeichen 314.svg Parking Area
Tekirdag 28.8 116.1 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K7 Saray 59-01
AB-Autobahnkiosk.svg Çorlu Service Area
20.9 136.9 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K8 Çorlu 59-04
Zeichen 314.svg Parking Area
Istanbul 18.5 155.4 Péage - paiement.png AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K9 Çerkezköy D.567
12.3 167.7 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K10 Kınalı 1 E84
7.2 174.9 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K11 Silivri 1
Zeichen 361-50.svg Selimpaşa Service Area
11.8 186.7 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K12 Selimpaşa
7.5 194.2 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K13 Kumburgaz 1
6.0 200.2 Péage - paiement.png AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K14 Çatalca D.569
AB-Brücke.svg Karasu Viaduct
AB-Brücke.svg Lake Büyükçekmece Bridge
12.1 212.3 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K15 Hadımköy 34-84
6.0 218.3 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K16 Avcılar
2.5 220.8 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K17 Ispartakule
Zeichen 314.svg Parking Area
Péage - paiement.png Toll Plaza Mahmutbey West
8.9 229.7 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K18 Mahmutbey West 34-25
2.7 232.4 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K19

Mahmutbey East O-2 (E80, AH1)

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