Otto, Count of Vermandois

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Otto (or Eudes) of Vermandois (29 August 979 – 25 May 1045), Count of Vermandois, was the son of Herbert III, Count of Vermandois and Ermengarde of Bar-sur-Seine. He succeeded his father Herbert III in 1015 as count of Vermandois. Otto donated property to Notre-Dame de Homblières by charter.

Family and children[edit]

He married Pavia (or Patia) (b. 990). Their children were:

  1. Odo I De Furneaux (b.1040 – d.1086)
  2. Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois.
  3. Simon (-after 1076), Seigneur de Ham.
  4. Peter of Vermandois. He is shown by Brandenburg as the son of Comte Eudes.
Preceded by
Herbert III
Count of Vermandois
Succeeded by
Herbert IV