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Otto Hofmann (28 April 1907 in Essen – 23 July 1996 in Pompeiana) was a German painter.

He has been a Paul Klee’s and Wassily Kandinsky’s alumni, during his sojourn at the Bauhaus in Dessau (1927–1930). With the arrival of Nazism Hofmann was marginated and his work banned because considered degenerate. During the World War II from 1940 to 1946 was prisoner in (U.S.S.R., at the end of the war he went back in Germany in Thuringia (that at the time was East Germany) and soon in 1950, after leaving all his possessions, he repaired to Berlin. Since then he worked between Berlin, Paris and Switzerland. About the middle of the 70’s he moved to Pompeiana, a small village not too far from Sanremo (Italy), where he will remain until his death. The production of Otto Hofmann is various from oil-painting, watercolor, drawing, graphics (xylography e lithography) to objects of porcelain and ceramic.

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