Otto I, Count of Schwerin

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Otto I of Schwerin
Spouse(s) Matilda of Werle
Noble family House of Schwerin
Father Gunzelin VI, Count of Schwerin
Mother Richardis of Tecklenburg
Died 1357

Otto I of Schwerin (died: 1357) was a son of Count Gunzelin VI and Richardis of Tecklenburg. In 1327, he succeeded his father as Count of Schwerin.

Otto was married to Princess Mathilda of Werle, a daughter of John III of Werle. They had a daughter:

Otto I died in 1357. He had no male heir and was succeeded by his brother Nicholas I.

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Otto I, Count of Schwerin
House of Schwerin
Died: 1357
Preceded by
Günzelin VI
Count of Schwerin
Succeeded by
Nicholas I