Otto I, Duke of Merania

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Otto I
Duke of Merania
Spouse(s) Beatrice II, Countess of Burgundy
Noble family House of Andechs
Father Berthold IV, Duke of Merania
Mother Agnes of Rochlitz
Born 1180
Died 1234 (aged 53–54)

Otto I, Duke of Merania (1180-1234) was a German nobleman. He was a Duke of Andechs and Merania. He was also Count of Burgundy as Otto II, by his marriage to Beatrice II of Burgundy.


He was born in 1180 to Berthold IV, Duke of Merania, and Agnes of Rochlitz.

On the death of his father Otto became Duke of Andechs and Merania; he became Count of Burgundy on his marriage to Beatrice of Burgundy in 1208.

He had joined Leopold VI of Austria and Andrew II of Hungary in the Fifth Crusade.[1]

On Beatrice's death in 1231, he ceased to be Count and was succeeded by his son Otto III.

On Otto I's death in 1234, he was further succeeded by his son as Duke of Andechs and Merania.

He and Beatrice produced the following children:

Otto I, Duke of Merania
Born: 1180 Died: 1234
Preceded by
Berthold IV
Duke of Merania
Succeeded by
Otto II


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