Otto Schoetensack

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Otto Schoetensack (1882)

Otto Schoetensack (German pronunciation: [ˈʃoːtənzak]; July 12, 1850 in Stendal, Germany - December 23, 1912 in Ospidaletto, Italy) was a German industrialist and later professor of anthropology, born of financial means. During an archeological dig, he oversaw the worker Daniel Hartmann who found the lower jaw of a hominid, the oldest human fossil then known, which Schoetensack later described formally as Homo heidelbergensis.


Schoetensack's grave in Heidelberg


  • "Der Unterkiefer des Homo heidelbergensis aus den Sanden von Mauer bei Heidelberg" (The lower jaw of the Homo heidelbergensis out of the sands of Mauer near Heidelberg). 1908. Leipzig: Wilhelm Engelmann.

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