Otto I, Count of Savoy

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Otto I
Count of Savoy and Margrave of Turin
Count of Savoy
Reign 1051 or 1056 – c. 1057
Predecessor Amadeus I
Successor Peter I
Spouse(s) Adelaide of Susa
Noble family House of Savoy
Father Humbert I of Savoy
Mother Ancilla of Lenzburg
Born between 1010 and 1020
Died c. 1057

Otto (or Othon in French, Oddone in Italian) (1010/1020 – c. 1057)[1] was count of Savoy from c.1051 until his death. Through marriage to Adelaide of Susa, he was also margrave of Turin from c.1046 until his death.


He was a younger son of Humbert, the first Count of Savoy, and his wife Ancilla of Lenzburg. Otto became count of Savoy c.1051 after the death of his elder brother, Amadeus I of Savoy.[2]

In 1046 he married Adelaide, heiress of Turin and Susa.[3] They had five children:


Through his marriage to Adelaide, Otto obtained extensive possessions in northern Italy. Thereafter, the House of Savoy concentrated their expansion efforts towards Italy instead of north of the Alps as they had done before. Savoy's lands occupied much of modern Savoy and Piedmont, although several other small states could be found between them.

In the 1050s, Otto allowed coins to be minted at Aiguebelle. The archbishop of Vienne, Léger, who had sole right of minting in the region, complained to Pope Leo IX, so Otto forbade further coining at Aiguebelle.[5]


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Otto I, Count of Savoy
Born: 1010 or 1020 Died: c. 1057
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Amadeus I
Count of Savoy
1051 or 1056 – c. 1057
Succeeded by
Peter I
Preceded by
Margrave of Turin
With: Adelaide
Succeeded by
Peter I