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Otto Quante (2 April 1875 in Minden/Westphalen – 20 February 1947 in Naumburg/Saale) was a German painter.[1]

Quante initially studied ophthalmology. However, he gave up his practice in 1907 and dedicated himself to painting, where he became especially famous for his portrayals of the day-to-day lives of vagabonds.

He studied art at the Malschule in Worpswede, the Badischen Landeskunstschule in Karlsruhe, and the Munich Art Academy.

Famous Works[edit]

  • Frühlingstanz,[2] (Springtime Dance)
  • Fern vom Alltag, (Far from Everyday Life)
  • Die Sorglosen, (The Carefree Ones)
  • Im Frühling, (In the Spring)
  • Die Lerche, (The Lark) L'Alouette


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