Otto van Rees

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Otto van Rees.
Otto van Rees.

Otto van Rees (Culemborg, January 4, 1823 – Arnhem, March 10, 1892) was a liberal 19th century Dutch politician and colonial governor of the Dutch East Indies.[1]

Van Rees was Minister of Colonial Affairs of the Netherlands in 1879. He was president of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands during the period September 22, 1881 - January 19, 1884 and Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies between 1884-1888.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Charles Jean François Mirandolle
President of the House of Representatives
Succeeded by
Eppo Cremers
Preceded by
Hendrikus Octavius Wichers (interim)
Minister of Colonial Affairs
Succeeded by
Willem van Goltstein van Oldenaller