Ou River (Zhejiang)

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The Ou River (瓯江; pinyin: Ōujiāng) is a river in the Zhejiang province of eastern China. The river flows through the city of Wenzhou where it reaches the East China Sea. It was formerly called 慎江, 永嘉江, and 温江. It gives its name to Ouju, a form of Chinese opera from the city of Wenzhou.

The Ou River has a rich fish fauna. In a survey in 2010, 60 fish species were recorded. Species that were recorded in all stations were carp Carassius auratus and bagrid catfish Pseudobagrus tenuis. Compared to an earlier survey in 1972, 20 new species were recorded (including two alien species, Mozambique tilapia and largemouth bass). However, 34 species recorded in 1972 were not recorded in 2010, and the overall fish density was lower.[1]


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