Oulun Kärpät

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Oulun Kärpät
Kärpät logo.svg
City Oulu
League SM-liiga
Founded 1946 (1946)
Home arena Oulun Energia Areena (capacity 6,614)
Owner(s) Finland Kärppä Säätiö
General manager Finland Juha Junno
Head coach Finland Lauri Marjamäki
Captain Finland Lasse Kukkonen


Oulun Kärpät (Finnish for Oulu Ermines) is a Finnish professional ice hockey team in the Liiga based in Oulu and owned by Kärppä Säätiö of the Kärppä Foundation.


In the spring of 1946, three young men decided to found a new sports club in Oulu. At the constitutional meeting on May 15, the club was named Oulun Kärpät 46. At first, Kärpät played football (soccer) and its first winter sport was bandy.

In the first annual meeting in January 1947, an ice hockey section was established. At the beginning of the new decade, Kärpät was somewhat successful in ice hockey and it became the main sport of the club. The first game at the highest level was played on the December 4, 1960, against HJK of Helsinki, but the visit to the highest level was short and Kärpät lost their position in the series. They made it to the highest level again in 1965–66, but again lost their position. The third try in 1967–68 did not produce a better performance, as Kärpät lost all their games.

From the first years on, junior work was important for Kärpät. E-juniors won the first Finnish Championship for Kärpät in the spring of 1971. When the SM-liiga was founded in August 1975, Kärpät started in the first division. Their goal was to rise to the league. It didn’t happen in the first season, but instead in 1976. In the next season, Kärpät was seventh and then last, but they still remained at the league with ease. After Kärpät acquired more skilled players, they won the bronze medals in 1980.

In the following year, Kärpät was third in the regular series but in the finals they defeated Tappara. The next year, the weakened team had to settle for fifth place, and the following year, they were nearly relegated. With a new coach, the team's goal was to win a medal, and finally Kärpät won the bronze. The next goal was to win the championship, but Kärpät only managed to get bronze for the following two years. Kärpät won the regular series in 1987, but lost to Tappara in the finals. Hopes were high for the next season, but Kärpät fell from the league. In the 2005 finals, Kärpät beat Jokerit in Helsinki to win their second consecutive championship with a 3–1 series win. Kärpät facing off against Espoo Blues in the 2006 playoffs.

The goal was to rise again shortly, but it did not work out. Due to financial constraints, Kärpät went into bankruptcy, but in the fall of 1995, they made it to the first division again. In the first year, they came eighth and lost in the playoffs. The next year, they went against KalPa for a place in the league, but ultimately lost. In the following year, they again lost to KalPa. For the 1998–99 season, Kärpät acquired coach Juhani Tamminen. After they played very well in the regular series, they lost to TuTo in the playoffs.

The next year, Kärpät finally qualified to the SM-liiga by beating Lahti Pelicans in the qualification series. The first season in the elite league was full of ups-and-downs, but Kärpät finished fourth and sixth in successive seasons. They then finally made it to the finals, but lost to Tappara, similar to in 1987. In the 2003–04 season, Kärpät played in the finals against TPS and finally won their second Finnish Championship. In 2004–05, Kärpät won the Finnish Championship again when they defeated Jokerit in the finals, winning the best-of-five series 3–1. They retained the championship title in the 2006–07 season by beating Jokerit in the finals (3–0) and winning all their games in the playoffs. The first three championships of the 2000s have been celebrated in Oulu with feasts, each gathering tens of thousands of people to rejoice. In the 2007–08 season, the organization won its second consecutive championship title, and the fourth within the last five years, by defeating Espoo Blues in the finals, 4–1.


Current roster[edit]

Updated September 14, 2014.[1]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
16 Finland Aho, SebastianSebastian Aho LW L 17 2013 Rauma, Finland
29 Finland Alikoski, MikkoMikko Alikoski LW L 28 2013 Oulu, Finland
61 United States Davis, PatrickPatrick Davis RW R 28 2014 Sterling Heights, Michigan
72 Finland Donskoi, JoonasJoonas Donskoi LW R 22 2009 Raahe, Finland
25 Czech Republic Eminger, VladimírVladimír Eminger D R 22 2012 Litvínov, Czechoslovakia
44 Canada Glenn, RyanRyan Glenn D L 34 2014 Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
27 Finland Haataja, Juha-PekkaJuha-Pekka Haataja RW R 32 2014 Oulu, Finland
71 Czech Republic Huml, IvanIvan Huml (A) C L 33 2011 Kladno, Czechoslovakia
13 Finland Junttila, JuliusJulius Junttila RW L 23 2009 Oulu, Finland
21 Finland Kalapudas, AnttiAntti Kalapudas C L 18 2014 Oulainen, Finland
33 Finland Karhunen, TomiTomi Karhunen G L 25 2010 Oulu, Finland
23 Finland Kemppainen, JoonasJoonas Kemppainen C L 26 2010 Kajaani, Finland
19 Finland Keränen, JuhoJuho Keränen RW R 29 2008 Keitele, Finland
30 Finland Komulainen, JoonasJoonas Komulainen C L 24 2009 Kuhmo, Finland
5 Finland Kukkonen, LasseLasse Kukkonen (C) D L 33 2013 Oulu, Finland
42 Finland Laatikainen, ArtoArto Laatikainen D L 34 2014 Espoo, Finland
18 Finland Manninen, SakariSakari Manninen C L 23 2013 Oulu, Finland
38 Sweden Masuhr, AdamAdam Masuhr D R 31 2014 Gävle, Sweden
8 Finland Mäenalanen, SakuSaku Mäenalanen LW L 20 2013 Tornio, Finland
28 Finland Niemelä, MikkoMikko Niemelä D R 24 2008 Oulu, Finland
11 Finland Nutivaara, MarkusMarkus Nutivaara D L 20 2014 Oulu, Finland
12 Finland Pirnes, EsaEsa Pirnes C L 37 2014 Oulu, Finland
9 Finland Puljujärvi, JesseJesse Puljujärvi RW R 16 2014 Älvkarleby, Sweden
17 Finland Pyörälä, MikaMika Pyörälä (A) LW L 33 2013 Oulu, Finland
3 United States Spang, DanDan Spang D L 31 2014 Winchester, Massachusetts
20 Finland Suoranta, SimonSimon Suoranta RW L 22 2011 Vaasa, Finland
35 Finland Tarkki, IiroIiro Tarkki G L 29 2014 Rauma, Finland
55 Finland Vallin, AriAri Vallin D L 37 2013 Ylöjärvi, Finland

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