Our Song (film)

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Our Song
Our Song (2000 film).jpg
Directed by Jim McKay
Starring Kerry Washington
Melissa Martinez
Anna Simpson
Release dates

Our Song is a drama film released in 2000.


Our Song follows three high school girls over one summer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The girls, Lanisha (Kerry Washington), Maria (Melissa Martinez), and Joycelyn (Anna Simpson) are best friends and confidants. They have different family situations, different romantic interests, different moral codes and their own unique dreams.

They are all dedicated members of the Jackie Robinson Steppers, a community marching band, that holds daily rehearsals in a local parking lot. The girls want to master the instruments they play in order to impress their conductor.

Joycelyn works at a makeup boutique, while both Marie and Lanisha work at a bakery. Sometimes they talk about what they'll do after high school, but most of their conversations are about the difficult immediate issues that face them daily:

  • Their school is not going to reopen in the fall because there is asbestos contamination, so they each are challenged with finding a new school with a good reputation, enrolling, and planning the daily commute.
  • Pregnancy and teen motherhood are serious considerations for the girls, as many of their friends have babies.

Critical response[edit]

The film garnered positive reviews. Many of the critics praised director Jim McKay for the documentary-like shooting of the film and its dialogue. Roger Ebert has said that the film is original and perceptive" and it doesn't force its characters into a tightly-plotted story.[1] The film has a 90 percent "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[2]



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