Out All Night

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Out All Night
Genre Sitcom
Created by Andy Borowitz
Susan Borowitz
Rob Edwards
Written by Andy Borowitz
Susan Borowitz
Jeffrey Duteil
Rob Edwards
Lloyd Garver
Michelle Jones
Caryn Lucas
Eric Pomerance
B. Mark Seabrooks
Devon Shepard
Directed by Matthew Diamond
Starring Patti LaBelle
Morris Chestnut
Vivica A. Fox
Duane Martin
Simon O'Brien
Theme music composer James R. Ellison
Nathaniel Wilkie
Opening theme "Out All Night" performed by Patti LaBelle
Composer(s) Quincy Jones
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 20 (1 Unaired)
Executive producer(s) Andy Borowitz
Susan Borowitz
Producer(s) Matthew Diamond
Werner Walian
Editor(s) Jesse Hoke
Running time 24 min
Production company(s) PAZ,inc.
Alan Haymon Productions
The Stuffed Dog Company
NBC Productions
Original channel NBC
Original run September 19, 1992 (1992-09-19) – July 9, 1993 (1993-07-09)

Out All Night is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 19, 1992 to July 9, 1993 for one season. The series stars Patti LaBelle, and was created by Andy Borowitz, Susan Borowitz, and Rob Edwards.


LaBelle stars as former singer Chelsea Paige, who opens a Los Angeles urban nightclub aptly named "Club Chelsea". To manage the club, Chelsea hires a recent New York University graduate, Jeff (Morris Chestnut). Chelsea also rents Jeff and his irresponsible best friend Vidal (Duane Martin) an apartment in the building she owns. Rounding out the cast is Vivica A. Fox as Chelsea's stylist daughter Charisse, and Simon O'Brien as the group's Scottish neighbor.

The series is set in the same universe as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (which was also created by Andy and Susan Borowitz). In the tenth episode, "The Great Pretender", Karyn Parsons guest stars as her Fresh Prince character Hillary Banks. Out All Night also featured several musical guests including After 7, Mary J. Blige, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, Natalie Cole, Johnny Gill, Jodeci, Gladys Knight, Eddie and Gerald Levert, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, MC Hammer, TLC, Luther Vandross, and Dionne Warwick.



No. Title Original air date
1 "Pilot" September 19, 1992
Jeff Carswell and Vidal Thomas have hit the jackpot. Fresh out of school, Jeff's not only landed a dream job as the manager of a hot nightclub owned by singing star Chelsea Paige, but she's also provided both young men with an apartment in her own building. Vidal's in heaven too. The club provides the perfect setting for this "lady's man" to pick up women. But the dream's too good to be true. Paige turns out to be a maternal figure who keeps a constant and watchful eye on not only Jeff and Vidal, but also her over-protected and beautiful daughter who's befriended the two men.
2 "Gentlemen's Agreement" September 26, 1992
In the interests of keeping their friendship intact, Vidal and Jeff make a solemn oath to each other that neither man can ever ask out Charisse. But when Charisse goes on a tirade against men after getting dumped by her latest boyfriend, Chelsea, in an effort to show her daughter that all men are not scum, urges Jeff to take her daughter out on a date. When Vidal finds out about the rendezvous, sparks fly between the two best friends when Vidal accuses Jeff of betrayal.
3 "The Kid" October 3, 1992
Vidal's found the perfect playmate. Like Vidal, he's fun-loving, irresponsible, and emotionally immature. Best of all, he lives in the building. Unfortunately, he's also six years old. No matter—Vidal and little Shavonne begin spending all their time together. But Vidal finds his carefree relationship with the boy turns out to be more than he's asked for when Shavonne asks him to be his official sponsor in the Big Brother's program.
4 "On My Own" October 10, 1992
Eager to escape from the shadow of her mother, Charisse accepts a great job opportunity in New York. A panicked Chelsea tries finding a way to keep her daughter from moving by setting up an equally attractive job for her in L.A. Chelsea uses a reluctant Jeff to help "trick" Charisse into staying. Charisse falls for the scam. But Chelsea and Jeff soon find themselves wracked by guilt over their deed and both admit their actions to a furious Charisse.
5 "That Man Returns" October 17, 1992
Chelsea's feeling guilty when her longtime musical director has nowhere to go now that she's stopped touring. Desperate to find him work, Chelsea has Jeff hire the man as an assistant. But to his dismay, Jeff soon finds out the man is long on charm but short on organizational skills. Forced to let the old man go for incompetence, Jeff discovers hell hath no fury like a boss who's discovered an old friend has been fired.
6 "The Dream Team" October 24, 1992
Chelsea regrets having convinced Vidal to serve as coach of Shavonne's Pee wee league basketball team when Vidal turns into the coach from hell.
7 "Hammer Halloween" October 31, 1992
Jeff finds a wrench has been thrown into his "five-year" plan for life when he unexpectedly falls in love with a woman ahead of his "schedule."
8 "That's What Friends Are For" November 19, 1992
On the eve of her birthday, Chelsea finds herself nostalgic for the adulation and ovations of the concert crowds. Should she give up the club and head back out on the road?
9 "Smooth Operator" December 3, 1992
When Jeff and Vidal's old friend—a successful businessman, who's also a suave ladies man, comes into town for a visit, the guys are eager to hear more of his legendary romantic conquests. But Vidal and Jeff's eagerness turns to horror when they discover their friend's next target is Charisse.
10 "The Great Pretender" December 10, 1992
When Vidal spots Hilary Banks at the club, it's lust at first sight. Intent on landing her, Vidal asks Charisse to do a little spy work on his behalf. When he discovers Hilary is sick of dating vain, superficial and immature ne'er do-wells, Vidal passes himself off to Hilary as a successful businessman who's manager of the club. When Chelsea discovers the ruse, she decides to teach Vidal a lesson by forcing him to run the club on the night of his date with Hilary.
11 "The Three Wise Men" December 17, 1992
In an effort to establish their status as adults, Vidal, Jeff and Angus decide to spend Christmas on their own and away from their families. However, the boys soon regret their decision when the ski trip they've planned turns into a disaster.
12 "A Date With a Diva" January 7, 1993
As Chelsea's hectic life on the road begins slowing down, she realizes a void that's been missing in her life: love. And thus Chelsea begins her first tentative steps into the dating scene.
13 "Like Father, Like Son" January 14, 1993
Jeff once again finds himself trying to escape from his father's shadow when the over-achieving disciplinarian visits his son.
14 "Take This Job" January 21, 1993
Charisse is in heaven when she not only gets a job as a stylist for a music video, she convinces the director to shoot the production at the club. But Charisse's dream soon turns into a nightmare when the director hires Vidal as a production assistant.
15 "The Way We Were" January 28, 1993
It's a bittersweet high school reunion for Chelsea when her old friend, who in many ways has more talent than Chelsea, shows up, jealous over her friend's success.
16 "The Tenant's Commandments" February 12, 1993
Vidal finds himself without a place to live when Jeff becomes fed up with his roommate's living habits.
17 "Under My Thumb" June 25, 1993
When the gang is convinced that Vidal can't stay with one woman for a week, Vidal sets out to prove them wrong. However, the V-man's patience is truly tested when his new girlfriend turns out to be an incredibly pushy woman.
18 "Mall in the Family" July 2, 1993
Vidal realizes his friendship with Shavonne has unexpected benefits when the little kid turns out to be a girl magnet. When Vidal tries to exploit the situation, Chelsea and the gang decide to teach him a lesson.
19 "Taking Care of Business" July 9, 1993
Charisse finds herself in the uncomfortable position of being romantically pursued by her boss. In an effort to deter his advances, Charisse claims her boyfriend is Vidal.
20 "It's My Party" Unaired
Charisse is thrilled to spend some quality mother-daughter time with Chelsea when the diva decides to plan a party for the building. But Charisse soon becomes jealous when Chelsea begins relying on Jeff's expertise rather than Charisse's in setting up the shindig.

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