Out Cold (2001 film)

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Out Cold
Out cold poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by The Malloys
Produced by Michael Aguilar
Jonathan Glickman
Lee R. Mayes
Written by Jon Zach
Starring Jason London
A.J. Cook
Lee Majors
Zach Galifianakis
Derek Hamilton
Willie Garson
Caroline Dhavernas
Music by Michael Andrews
Cinematography Richard Crudo
Edited by Jeffrey Wolf
Touchstone Pictures
Spyglass Entertainment
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release date(s)
  • November 21, 2001 (2001-11-21)
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $24 million
Box office $13,906,394

Out Cold is a 2001 American cult comedy film about a group of snowboarders in Alaska. It is the first feature film by the music video directing team The Malloys, after co-directing the surfing documentary Thicker than Water (2000) with musician Jack Johnson. The film presents itself as something of a parody of 1980's "ski school" movies and makes a number of references to the film Casablanca. A number of elements of the latter including plot and even some famous lines were incorporated into Out Cold.


The story covers the lives of snowboarding buddies Rick (Jason London), Luke (Zach Galifianakis), Anthony (Flex Alexander), and Pig Pen (Derek Hamilton), who are living large in their beloved hometown of Bull Mountain in Alaska. Partying hard, looking for girls, and doing just about anything to have a good time is what life on Bull Mountain is all about, but that all looks to have a quick end when town founder Papa Muntz dies, and his son Ted (Willie Garson) decides to sell the mountain to slick Colorado businessman John Majors (Lee Majors). Nobody supports his plans to turn the mountain into an "espresso-and-tofu" ski resort, and it's up to Luke, Pig Pen, Anthony, Jenny (played by A. J. Cook), Rick and the others to keep Bull Mountain yuppie-free. Once they realize John's purchase will change the town drastically, they enlist the aid of Majors' beautiful, rebellious daughters, Inga (Victoria Silvstedt) and Anna (Caroline Dhavernas), to sabotage the purchase. The film also features a cameo by snowboarding professional Todd Richards as Barry the Doctor.


  • Rick Rambis is a ski area employee, the unofficial leader of his group of friends, and is one of the more normal residents of Bull Mountain. He is also the reigning "King of the Mountain", a title awarded for a downhill drinking and boarding contest. His dream is to build a lift to the top of Bull Mountain's tallest point (called Hangman's Peak), which he believes will turn Bull Mountain into one of the most popular ski areas in the country. He is also still pining over Anna, with whom he had a brief romance during a vacation to Cancun, Mexico.
  • John Majors is a slick businessman from Colorado who wants to buy Bull Mountain and turn it into a yuppie resort town, along the lines of Aspen, Colorado.
  • Jenny is an attractive, down to earth snowboarding instructor and one of the only women in town. She has a romantic interest in Rick but knows that he won't be ready to date her until he gets over Anna.
  • Luke is Rick's best friend and the older brother of Pig Pen. Luke has a habit of drinking until he passes out, which often results in him being the target of pranks by those who are still standing.
  • Pig Pen is Luke's pot smoking younger brother and possibly the stupidest man in town. Although he has a schoolboy crush on Inga, he is too clumsy and awkward to express it properly. It was later revealed that his real name is Pierre.
  • Anthony is another of Rick's friends and a pitifully bad snowboarder who never fails to crash whenever he attempts to ride.
  • Lance is the effeminate bartender of the local tavern. Despite the fact that he is clearly gay, he does not seem to realize it and even considers himself to be a macho ladies' man.
  • Anna Majors is John Majors' half-French, half-American daughter and the woman who left Rick heartbroken when she unexpectedly left him in Cancun. When she shows up at Bull Mountain, Rick's life is thrown into turmoil.
  • Inga is Majors' stepdaughter and Anna's stepsister. Hailing from Switzerland, Inga is a gorgeous, busty blonde who quickly becomes an object of lust to the men of Bull Mountain.
  • Barry is Anna's fiancee. A former snowboarder who was paralyzed after an accident at the Winter X Games, he's now a doctor and a pilot.
  • Eric Montclare is a widely-disliked senior employee of the ski area who becomes one of Majors' top lackeys when the plans to sell the resort are announced.
  • Papa Muntz is the late founder and late owner of Bull Mountain. He founded the town after winning the property in a game of poker from a bunch of drunken Eskimos.
  • Ted Muntz is Papa Muntz's only son and the current owner of Bull Mountain. He plans to sell the mountain to Majors and use the money to live out his dream of moving to the tropics.
  • Stumpy is a hard-drinking, tall-tale telling, possibly insane barfly who often makes outrageous claims about his own accomplishments (such as that he invented snowboarding). He warns Rick and the gang not to trust Majors. At one point in the film he claims to be Rick's father, although it is unclear whether he's telling the truth, joking or simply delusional.



Out Cold was panned by critics. It currently has an 8% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes based on 49 reviews, although it is certified fresh within the community with an 85%. Since its initial release, the film has gained a strong cult following.


The Out Cold soundtrack is a 12-track compilation of songs from the film. It is available on the RCA record label. The Weezer song Island in the Sun plays an important part in the film, but is left off of the soundtrack.

The tracklisting is:

  1. Anytime – Eve 6
  2. Makes No DifferenceSum 41
  3. Win or Lose – Foo Fighters
  4. Ev Rebahadee – Planet Asia and will.i.am
  5. PostersJack Johnson
  6. Funk No. 49James Gang
  7. Lipstick and BruisesLit
  8. She Is BeautifulAndrew W.K.
  9. Hear You MeJimmy Eat World
  10. Green Light Girl (Rock Remix) – Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
  11. For Anyone – The Color Red
  12. Makin' Money – Handsome Devil

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