Out for the Count

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Out for the Count
Studio album by Show of Hands
Released 1991
Recorded 1991, The Old Court
Genre Folk
Label Self-released
Show of Hands chronology
Tall Ships
Out for the Count
Beat about the Bush

Out for the Count is the third album by Show of Hands, released in 1991 on cassette, and is the last of their cassette-only releases. Songs from Out for the Count appear on the band's album Backlog 1987-1991 in 1995, containing songs from the band's early material. This is due to Out for the Count going out of print.

The album was recorded in The Old Court straight to D.A.T.[1]

The album also marks the first time Show of Hansd became a full-time musical partnership, following Phil Beer leaving The Albion Band in 1990.[2]

It is the only Show of Hands album to not have any of its songs featured on Roots: The Best of Show of Hands, however several of their albums that do have a song featured were re-recorded for the compilation.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Berlin"
  2. "Limbo"
  3. "Walking in the Rain"
  4. "Tramp Stamp / Chasing the Jack"
  5. "Leaving Blues"
  6. "Winter Has Gone"
  7. "Positively 4th Street"
  8. "Pleasures of the Town" / "Seneca Two Step"
  9. "Poorman"
  10. "Mess Of Blues"