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Out of Your Mouth was a Canadian hard rock band from Calgary.[1]

The band consisted of guitarist, vocalist, producer and writer Jason Darr. He alone actually had the record deal with Sony BMG and hired local Calgary musicians for touring. Guitarist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster, bassist Paule Sperman and drummer Rob Shawcross. Paul Sperman played the drums on the OOYM album, but played bass live. Darr played virtually everything else. Maxwell-Lyster played a few guitar parts and back up vocals. Shawcross was hired after the record was completed. Their debut album, Draghdad, was finally released in 2004, scoring a Canadian Top 40 hit with a rocked-up cover of Madonna's song "Music". None of the resulting singles received significant attention. Paule Sperman left due to creative differences. Maxwell-Lyster and Shawcross were dismissed shortly after for trying to blackmail Darr for more revenue for touring wages. Rob Shawcross was quoted as saying the band was a "one hit wonder" band, but that he left on a good note. Darr left all of this behind and formed Neurosonic and released Drama Queen. From 2006-2008, Neurosonic toured all over the world with acts such as Korn, Evanescence, Atreyu, Puddle Of Mudd, etc, garnering a top 25 Hit at Rock radio in the USA with the single "So Many People". In 2008, at the age of 36, Darr decided to pull the plug and retire from touring and start a new career while he was young enough to do so. So Many People has had over 500,000 plays on YouTube.

After dismissal, Maxwell-Lyster and Shawcross went on to form a local Calgary band called AutoBody.


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