Out of the Shadows

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For the Hawkwind song, see Space Bandits. For the video game, see Out of the Shadows (video game). For the 2010 film, see Out of the Shadows (film).
Out of The Shadows
Studio album by The Shadows
Released October 1962
Recorded 26th Jan to 18th June 1962
Genre Rock
Length 35:43
Label Columbia (EMI)
Producer Norrie Paramor
The Shadows chronology
The Shadows
Out of The Shadows
Dance with The Shadows

Out Of The Shadows is a 1962 rock album by British group The Shadows. It was their second album.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Rumble"   Ike Isaacs 01:59
2. "The Bandit (Lead Vocal by Hank Marvin)"   Michael Carr, Milton Nascimento, Zeb Turner 02:44
3. "Cosy"   Mort Garson, Earl Schuman 03:15
4. "1861"   Brian Bennett, Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin 02:26
5. "Perfidia"   Alberto Dominguez 02:15
6. "Little "B""   Brian Bennett 05:06
Total length:
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Bo Diddley (Lead Vocal by Hank Marvin & Bruce Welch)"   Ellas McDaniel 02:08
2. "South of the Border"   Michael Carr, Jimmy Kennedy 03:19
3. "Spring Is Nearly Here"   Brian Bennett, Bruce Welch 03:06
4. "Are They All Like You? (Lead Vocal by Hank Marvin)"   Tim Gale 02:16
5. "Tales of a Raggy Tramline"   Brian Bennett, Jet Harris 02:22
6. "Some Are Lonely"   Cliff Richard 02:25
7. "Kinda Cool"   Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch 02:22
Total length:


Chart positions[edit]

Chart Year Peak
UK Albums Chart 1962 1 [2]
Preceded by
The Best of Ball, Barber & Bilk by Kenny Ball, Chris Barber & Acker Bilk
West Side Story by Original Soundtrack
West Side Story by Original Soundtrack
West Side Story by Original Soundtrack
UK Albums Chart number-one album
27 October 1962 - 17 November 1962
24 November 1962 - 1 December 1962
22 December 1962 - 29 December 1962
19 January 1963 - 2 February 1963
Succeeded by
West Side Story by Original Soundtrack
On Stage with the George Mitchell Minstrels by George Mitchell Minstrels
The Black and White Minstrel Show by George Mitchell Minstrels
Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard & The Shadows



  • Lead Guitar - Fender Stratocaster (Red Fiesta), Gretsch Country Gentleman, Gibson J200.
  • Rhythm guitar - Fender Stratocaster (Red Fiesta), Gretsch 6120, GibsonJ65.
  • Bass Guitar - Fender Precision Bass (4 string).
  • Drums - Premier,20 inch Kick 14x8 and 14x14 toms.Delivered by Premier the day Little B was recorded.
  • Amplifier - Vox AC30 x 3.
  • Piano - from EMI Abbey Road studios.


  • Venue - Abbey Road studios
  • EMI studio - Studio 2
  • Dates: 19th Dec 1961 to 18 June 1962.
  • Sleeve notes by Norrie Paramor.


  • 1962: 1st - (Stereo) Light Green, and (Mono)Dark Green Columbia label
  • 1963: 2nd - (Stereo) Blue/Black Green Columbia label
  • 1970: 3rd - (Stereo) Black/Silver EMI label(deleted soon after release)
  • 1961: Reel to reel tape.
  • 1973: Cassette and 8 Track cartridge 2fer ("The Shadows As Was!"): The Shadows/Out of the Shadows. EMI Double Executive Series label.
  • 1991: Normal. 2fer(2-4-1) CD: The Shadows/Out of the Shadows. Jewel case.
  • 1997: Remastered. 2fer(2-4-1) CD: (Mono and Stereo albums). Jewel case.



Recorded on all analogue equipment in real time with each track recorded on a one track per day basis with no overdubs or edits on a 2 track recording machine within Studio 2. Rather than a stereo mix being mixed down into a mono version both stereo and mono mixes were recorded separately within the same session on the same day. Mistakes made during the recording sessions resulted in immediate retakes thus multiple versions of all tracks exist in EMI's tape vaults.

All the tracks were recorded in several sessions over a 6-month period, in 8 session-days, during which other singles (e.g. Guitar tango, All day, What a lovely tune, Groanin'(unissueed), Les girls (Cliff LP), Round and round (Cliff LP)); EPs such as The Boys (EP) - 4 tracks) were intermediately recorded as well.

  1. spring is nearly here (recording-date-no.1a=26/1/62)
  2. the bandit (recording-date-no.1b=26/1/62)
  3. cosy (recording-date-no.2=5/4/62)
  4. perfidia (recording-date-no.3a=12/4/62)
  5. south of the border (recording-date-no.3b=12/4/62)
  6. little b (recording-date-no.4a=22/5/62)
  7. the bandit (recording-date-no.4b=22/5/62)
  8. are they all like you (recording-date-no.5=28/5/62)
  9. bo diddley (recording-date-no.6a=31/5/62)
  10. the rumble (recording-date-no.6b=31/5/62)
  11. tales of a raggy tramline (recording-date-no.7=19/12/61)
  12. 1861(recording-date-no.8a=4/6/62)
  13. kinda cool (recording-date-no.8b=4/6/62)

This was the first Shadows album to feature Brian Licorice Locking, who replaced Jet Harris midway through the album's creation. The album is also the first album for Brian Bennett.


The British public in 1961-62 anticipated an all instrumental second album but the Shadows and Paramor wanted to produce an album showcasing their numerous diverse talents instead. The album nevertheless features 6 (out of 13) all new original compositions written by all members of the Shadows in various permutations. By contrast, the second album of rival instrumental rock band The Ventures was an all instrumental one. The album is also much slower and smoother than the previous album.

Release and reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]

The album reached the no. 1 slot in the UK album charts in 1962. No singles were released from it, though 2 EPs were: "Out of the Shadows" and "Out of the Shadows no.2" both in mono and stereo.

Only track Little B has been used to promote this album when on tour in 1962 and has been used as first choice Shadows drum solo for live concerts from 1962 to 2004.


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