Outdoor Advertising Association of America

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Outdoor Advertising Association
Type Non-profit
Founded 1891
Headquarters Washington, DC
Website www.oaaa.org

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is a trade association representing the outdoor advertising industry in the United States. Founded in 1891, the OAAA is dedicated to promoting, protecting and advancing outdoor advertising (also referred to as out of home advertising) interests in the U.S.[1]


Originally named Associated Bill Posters’ Association of the US and Canada in 1891, the association was created to; promote a greater understanding of the poster medium, provide an expanded nationwide organization for coordinating the services offered by member companies, and to continue to address the ethical concerns of early industry leaders. In 1925 the Poster Advertising Association and the Painted Outdoor Advertising Association joined and the name was changed to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.[2] In 1931 Outdoor Advertising, Inc. (OAI) was formed to sell the concept of outdoor advertising and later also merged with the OAAA.[3]

Commemorating September 11th[edit]

In an effort to pay tribute to those affected by the September 11 attacks on the ten-year anniversary of the event, Clear Channel Outdoor and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America Inc. used more than 450 Digital billboards across the United States to present a moment of silence display during pivotal moments in the attack.[4]


With nearly 1,100 member companies, the OAAA represents more than 90 percent of industry revenues. Through advocacy of reasonable legislation, support of sales and marketing efforts, and commitment to quality operations on all levels of business, the OAAA is the united voice of outdoor advertising.[5]


The self identified mission of the OAAA is "To provide leadership, services, and standards to promote, protect and advance the outdoor advertising industry".[6] When pertaining to Government Affairs, their goal is "to create a positive legislative, regulatory, and legal environment for outdoor advertising". Their Marketing goal is,"To create demand for outdoor advertising in order to increase market share".When addressing Communications, their goal is to, "To provide all target audiences with compelling and credible information about outdoor advertising".Their goal when addressing Membership is, "To unite the overall outdoor advertising industry". Finally their Operations goal is, "To improve outdoor advertising quality, appearance, safety, and effectiveness".[7]