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Outer Circular Expressway
Arthur C. Clarke Expressway
Route information
Maintained by the Road Development Authority
Length: 29 km (18 mi)
Major junctions
Beltway around Colombo
North end: Kerawalapitiya - connect with  E03  Colombo - Katunayake Expressway
  Exit 2 → Mattumagala
Exit 3 →Kadawatha
Exit 4 → Kaduwela
Exit 5 → Athurugiriya [1]
South end: Kottawa, Colombo - Start of  E01  Colombo - Matara Expressway
Highway system
Expressways of Sri Lanka

The Colombo Outer Circular Expressway (also known as the Outer Circular Highway, Colombo Inter-provincial Orbital Router or the Arthur C. Clarke Expressway[2]) is a highway in Colombo, Sri Lanka which is under construction. The 29 km (18 mi) long outer circular road network will link the Colombo - Matara Expressway with Colombo - Katunayake Expressway and Proposed Colombo - Kandy Expressway and will provide an orbital beltway to bypass the city of Colombo and reduce traffic congestion. The project is funded by Japan the International Cooperation Agency (JICA) [3]

Construction of the road will commence in October, 2009 and will take 3 and a half years to complete. Access will be provided to all "A" class roads via interchanges. The highway will have an operational speed limit of 100 km/h and is to be built with 4 lanes and provisions to upgrade the road for 6 lanes of traffic.[4]


Construction of the road commenced in October, 2009 the phase will take 3 and a half years to complete. This will be Sri Lanka's costliest and most expensive road coming in at USD$ 57 million per km[5]

Phase one[edit]

Construction of the Colombo Outer Circular road will be carried out in three phases and the construction of first stage from Kottawa to Kaduwela with a length of 11 km has been completed. It will be vested with the public on 08th March, 2014.[6][7] On January 2013, Road Development Authority said that there will be an extra interchange in Athurugiriya with the intention of accommodating projected traffic from a fast developing area.[8]

Phase two[edit]

Construction activities of the highway from Kaduwela to Kadawatha (length of 9.8 km) under the second phase of the project began on February 18, 2012.[7] Its expected completion is 8th Jan 2015[9]

Phase three[edit]

On January 2013, the third phase construction contract of this project from Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya (length of 9.2 km) was awarded to China Metallurgical Group Corporation Limited by the Cabinet of Sri Lanka for a value of Rs. 66.69 billion.[10]


At Kottawa interchange the OCE will be connected to High Level road and the Colombo - Matara Expressway and at Athurugiriya it will be connected the Malabe - Athurugiriya road and later it will be connected to the proposed high elevated road to be constructed from Orugodawatta to Pore - Athurugiriya.

At Kaduwela interchange the OCE will be connected to Low Level road while at Kadawatha it will be connected to present Kandy road and to the proposed Kandy express way and the Northern highway.

There will connecting roads at Mattumagala connect the OCE to Colombo - Katunayake Expressway at Kerawalapitiya to connect the OCE with the Katunayake express way.[1]

Interchange Connections
Kerawalapitiya  E03  Colombo - Katunayake Expressway
Mattumagala Negombo Road
Kadawatha Colombo-Kandy Road
Proposed Colombo-Kandy / Northern Expressway
Kaduwela Low Level Road
Peliyagoda-Mudungoda Road (New Kandy Road)
Athurugiriya Malabe-Athurugiriya Road
Proposed elevated way from Orugodawatta to Athurugiriya
Kottawa High Level road
 E01  Southern Expressway

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