Outer membrane protein G

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Outer membrane protein G (OmpG)
Symbol Porin_OmpG
Pfam PF09381
SCOP 2iwv
TCDB 1.B.21
OPM superfamily 181
OPM protein 2iwv

Outer membrane protein G (OmpG) is a porin, a channel proteins in the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria.

Escherichia coli OmpG forms a 14-stranded beta-barrel and in contrast to most porins, appears to function as a monomer.[1] The central pore of OmpG is wider than other E. coli porins and it is speculated that it may form a non-specific channel for the transport of larger oligosaccharides.[1]


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This article incorporates text from the public domain Pfam and InterPro [1]