Outlaw Country (Sirius XM)

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This article is about the Sirius XM radio channel. For the county music genre, see Outlaw country.
Outlaw Country
Sirius Outlaw Country.gif
Broadcast area United States
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 60
DISH Network 6060
Format Outlaw country
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner Sirius XM Radio
Website SiriusXM: Outlaw Country

Outlaw Country is a Sirius XM Satellite Radio channel devoted to Outlaw country music, along with various related genres including classic honky tonk, alternative country and roots rock. It is carried on Sirius channel 60[1] (previously 63), XM channel 60[2] (previously 12) and DISH Network channel 6060(previously 6063) until XM The Message took Dish Network channel 6063 and Sirius XM Radio 63 due to the May 4, 2012 Sirius XM merger. As of February 9, 2010, This channel was heard on DirecTV channel 810 until all the XM programming was dropped in favor for Sonic Tap by DMX.[citation needed]

May 4 Channel Lineup[edit]

Outlaw Country came on Sirius XM Radio 60 and Dish Network 6060.


Launched in May 2004 by Steven Van Zandt, Sirius XM Outlaw Country is "a sanctuary for the freaks, misfits, rebels, and renegades of country music." In 2010 Outlaw Country became the only country music channel to carry the XL label for explicit language.

Outlaw Country's regular DJs are Mojo Nixon ("The Loon in the Afternoon"); Elizabeth Cook; Dallas Wayne; The Rig Rocker; Meredith and Chris T.

Current specialty show hosts include:

Former hosts include:

  • Fred Imus ("Fred's Trailer Park Bash", Imus died August 2011)


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