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Outlawz discography
Studio albums 7
Compilation albums 4
Singles 10
Music videos 28
Collaborative albums 1
Mixtapes 10+

This is the discography of rap group Outlawz.


Studio albums[edit]

Collaboration albums[edit]

Digital albums[edit]

  • Retribution: The Lost Album


  • Outlaw Warriorz Vol. 1
  • The Best Of 2Pac & Outlawz
    • Released: August 5, 2008
    • Label: 1Nation
  • Outlaw Culture Vol. 1 (Compilation)
  • Outlaw Culture Vol. 2 (Compilation)
  • Outlaw Culture Vol. 3 (Compilation)

Guest appearances[edit]

  • 1996: "All bout U" (2Pac featuring: Nate Dogg, Outlawz, Snoop Doggy Dogg\Top Dogg)
  • 1996: "Bomb First (My Second Reply)" (Makaveli featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1996: "Just Like Daddy" (Makaveli featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1996: "Life of an Outlaw" (Makaveli featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1996: "Hail Mary" (Makaveli featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1996: "Tradin' War Stories" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz, C-Bo, Storm)
  • 1996: "Thug Passion" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz, Jewell, Storm)
  • 1996: "When We Ride" (2Pac featuring: Outlaw Immortalz)
  • 1997: "Starin' At The World Trough My Rear View" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1997: "Made Niggaz" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1997: "What's Ya' Fantasy" (Outlawz Featuring: Daz Dillinger)
  • 1997: "Lost Souls" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1997: "Ain't Died In Vain" (Rondo featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1997: "Enemies With Me" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1998: "Serenade My Life" (Gonzoe featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1998: "This Life of Mine" (Bad Azz featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1998: "Do Yo' Thug Thang" (Yukmouth featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1998: "Still Ballin'" (Yukmouth featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1998: "Hard Labor" (C-Bo featuring: Big Lurch, Outlawz)
  • 1998: "MFC Lawz" (Heltah Skeltah featuring: Outlawz, Storm, Doc Holiday)
  • 1999: "How You Want It" (Big Mike featuring: Outlawz)
  • 1999: "Immortal 2K" (5th Ward Boyz featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2000: "Gun Talk" (Willie D featuring: Spice 1, Outlawz)
  • 2000: "Ride or Die" (Sean T featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "Thug Warz" (Fredro Starr featuring: Sticky Fingaz, Outlawz)
  • 2001: "Feel Your Pain" (Benzino featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "We Gone Ride" (Yukmouth featuring: Hussein Fatal, Outlawz)
  • 2001: "Hate the Game" (Killa Tay featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "Breathin'" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "All Out" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "M.O.B." (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "World Wide Mob Figgaz" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "U Don't Have 2 Worry" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "LastOnesLeft" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2001: "Runnin' On E" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Sick Thoughts" (Big Syke featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Born a Soulja" (Kastro & E.D.I. featuring: Yukmouth, Hellraza, Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Ball or Die" (Hellraza featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "What U No Bout" (C-Bo featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Turn da Heat Down" (Spice 1 featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Fuck Em All" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Never B Peace" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Whatcha Gonna Do" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Late Nighe" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz & DJ Quik)
  • 2002: "Fame" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "Catchin' Feelins" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "There U Go" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz & Big Syke)
  • 2002: "This Life I Lead" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2002: "They Don't Give A Fuck About Us" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2003: "Ridin' for Pac" (Bullys wit Fullys featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2003: "Hail Mary (Nu-Mixx)" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz & Prince Ital Joe)
  • 2003: "Hit 'Em Up (Nu-Mixx)" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2003: "One Day at a Time (Em's Version)" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz & Eminem)
  • 2003: "Secretz Of War" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2004: "The Uppercut" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2004: "Black Cotton" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz & Eminem)
  • 2005: "Way Too Many" (Layzie Bone featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2005: "Complicated" (Bone Brothers featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2006: "Outlaws" (Belo Zero featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2006: "Don't Stop" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2007: "Bis ich unter der Erde lieg" ("Until I Lie Under The Earth") (Eko Fresh featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2007: "Revolutie" (Kempi featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2007: "Hail Mary (Rock Remix)" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2007: "Got My Mind Made Up (Nu-Mixx)" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz & Kurupt)
  • 2007: "Lost Souls (Nu-Mixx)" (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2007: "Picture Me Rollin' (Nu-Mixx) (2Pac featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2008: "Cashville County" (Young Buck featuring: C-Bo, Outlawz)
  • 2008: "Money Made Me Crazy" (Young Buck featuring: C-Bo, Outlawz)
  • 2008: "They Fucks With Me" (Young Buck featuring: Sosa da Plug, Outlawz)
  • 2009: "Fly" (Young Buck featuring: Sosa Tha Plug, Outlawz)
  • 2009: "Ca$h-ville" (Cashis featuring: Young Buck, C-Bo, Sosa fa Plug, Outlawz)
  • 2009: "Thug Life" (Al Massiva featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2009: "Thuggin' 4 Life" (Infamous-C featuring: Outlawz & Kyle Rifkin)
  • 2010: "Cleaned Off" (Young Buck featuring: Outlawz)
  • 2012: "Car Cloudy" (Young Buck featuring: Outlawz) off Live Loyal Die Rich
  • 2012: "Can't Break Me" (C-Bo featuring: Outlawz) off Cali Connection
  • 2012: "Son Of God" (Outlawz) off Strictly 4 Traps N Trunks 44: Free Young Buck Edition
  • 2012: "What It Do" (Young Buck featuring: Sosa Tha Plug & Outlawz) off Welcome 2 Cashville
  • 2013: "Betta Pray" (Da Mafia 6ix featuring: Outlawz & Lil Wyte)
  • 2014: "My Brother Keeper" (DJ Kay Slay featuring The Outlawz & Onyx) off The Last Hip Hop Disciple[3]

Music videos[edit]

List of music videos, with directors, showing year released
Title Year Director(s)
"Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
2000 J. Jesses Smith
"Black Rain"
(featuring Val Young)
"Thug With Me"
"World Wide (Remix)"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
2001 N/A
"1 Nation"
(featuring Dead Prez)
2006 N/A
"Fork In The Road"
(featuring King Malachi)
James Wade, Cody Lucich & Young Noble
"We Want In / Hunger Pains" 2008 James Wade & Young Noble
"Everything Happenz 4 a Reason"
"Legendz In Tha Game"
"Sounds Like" 2009
"Bring Em Back"
(featuring Big Mizz & Zayd Malik)
"Seen It All"
(featuring Young Buck)
Jordan Tower
"It Ain't Over"
"Face Down"
(featuring DJ Xrated)
"Count My Blessings"
(featuring The Jacka)
"From The Bottom"
"Dream Big"
"Kush Dreams"
(featuring Freeway)
"Cooley High"
(featuring Tey Martel & Tony Atlanta)
2011 Iamhaym & Young Noble
"Brand New (Pimp C Dedication)"
(featuring Aktual & Tony Atlanta)
"Back Again"
"Spirit of an Outlaw"
"Late Night Shift"
(featuring Tey Martel)
"2Pac Back G-Mix"
"Bury The Hatchet"
(DJ Kay Slay featuring Outlawz & Lil' Cease)
(featuring Trae The Truth, Z-Ro & June Summers)
Clearvision Productions & Young Noble
"Keep It Lit" HusH Industrys

As featured performer[edit]

List of music videos, with directors, showing year released
Title Year Director(s)
"Hit 'Em Up"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
1996 J. Kevin Swain
"Hail Mary"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
1997 Frank Sacramento
"Made Niggaz"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
Gobi Nejad
"Still Ballin"
(Yukmouth featuring Outlawz)
1998 N/A
"Ich bin ein Outlaw"
(La Honda featuring Eko Fresh & Outlawz)
2007 N/A
"Life's Hard"
(Alter Egoz featuring Outlawz & Michaela Shiloh)
2008 James Wade
"L.A to Copenhagen"
(The Goodfellas featuring Outlawz)
"Gangstadam to L.A"
(Gangstadam Mob featuring Outlawz)
"Revolutie (Remix)"
(Kempi featuring Outlawz & DJ Smoke)
"Real Nigga Shit"
(Goodfellas featuring Outlawz & Mike Raw)
"Letter 2 Pac"
(Nino & Singa featuring Outlawz)
"Thug Life"
(Al Massiva featuring Outlawz)
"All My Respect"
(Nameless Kx featuring Outlawz)
2011 N/A
"The Streets"
(Concrete Mob featuring Outlawz)
2012 Savvy So-Fly
"Bang Back"
(Spittin Cobra featuring Outlawz)
Sef Nait of IceLand Film
"Running All Night"
(Aktual featuring Outlawz)

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