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The location of Romania
An enlargeable map of Romania

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Romania:

Romania is a sovereign country located in southeast Central Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula, along the lower Danube River, in and surrounding the Carpathian arch, and bordering on the Black Sea.[1][2] Almost all of the Danube Delta is located within its territory. It shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south.

The territory's recorded history encompasses such eras as the Dacians, Roman Empire (leading to the development of Romanian language), Kingdom of Hungary, and Ottoman Empire. As a state, the country was formed by the merging of Moldavia and Wallachia in 1859 and it gained recognition of its independence in 1878. Later, in 1918, they were joined by Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia. At the end of World War II, parts of its territories (roughly the present day Moldova) were occupied by USSR and Romania became a member of the Warsaw Pact. With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, Romania started a series of political and economic reforms. After a decade of post-independence economic problems, Romania adopted a very low flat taxation in 2005, made other very fast reforms, and joined the European Union on January 1, 2007. Reforms have led to over 7% GDP growth, one of the highest rates in Europe.

Romania has the 9th largest territory and the 7th largest population (with 22 million people[3]) among the European Union member states. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest (Romanian: Bucureşti [bukuˈreʃtʲ]), the 6th largest city in the EU with 1.9 million people. In 2007, Sibiu, a large city in Transylvania, was chosen as a European Capital of Culture.[4] Romania also joined NATO on March 29, 2004, and is also a member of the Latin Union, of the Francophonie and of OSCE. Romania is a semi-presidential unitary state.

General reference[edit]

An enlargeable relief map of Romania

Geography of Romania[edit]

An enlargeable general map of Romania
Main article: Geography of Romania
 Bulgaria 608 km
 Ukraine 531 km
 Serbia 476 km
 Moldova 450 km
 Hungary 443 km

Environment of Romania[edit]

An enlargeable satellite image of Romania

Geographic features of Romania[edit]

Main article: Landforms of Romania

Regions of Romania[edit]

Main article: Regions of Romania

Ecoregions of Romania[edit]

Administrative divisions of Romania[edit]

Regions of Romania[edit]
Map of the development regions
Main article: Regions of Romania

These are the 8 development regions in Romania, which (with the exception of Bucureşti-Ilfov) are named by their geographical position in the country:

Counties of Romania[edit]
Main article: Counties of Romania
Name Common
Capital Area (km2)
Alba AB Alba Iulia 6,242
Arad AR Arad 7,754
Argeş AG Piteşti 6,862
Bacău BC Bacău 6,621
Bihor BH Oradea 7,544
Bistriţa-Năsăud BN Bistriţa 5,355
Botoşani BT Botoşani 4,986
Braşov BV Braşov 5,363
Brăila BR Brăila 4,766
Buzău BZ Buzău 6,103
Caraş-Severin CS Reşiţa 8,514
Călăraşi CL Călăraşi 5,088
Cluj CJ Cluj-Napoca 6,674
Constanţa CT Constanţa 7,071
Covasna CV Sfântu Gheorghe 3,710
Dâmboviţa DB Târgovişte 4,054
Dolj DJ Craiova 7,414
Galaţi GL Galaţi 4,466
Giurgiu GR Giurgiu 3,526
Gorj GJ Târgu Jiu 5,602
Harghita HR Miercurea Ciuc 6,639
Hunedoara HD Deva 7,063
Ialomiţa IL Slobozia 4,453
Iaşi IS Iaşi 5,476
Ilfov IF Buftea 1,583
Maramureş MM Baia Mare 6,304
Mehedinţi MH Drobeta-Turnu Severin 4,933
Mureş MS Târgu Mureş 6,714
Neamţ NT Piatra Neamţ 5,896
Olt OT Slatina 5,498
Prahova PH Ploieşti 4,716
Satu Mare SM Satu Mare 4,418
Sălaj SJ Zalău 3,864
Sibiu SB Sibiu 5,432
Suceava SV Suceava 8,553
Teleorman TR Alexandria 5,790
Timiş TM Timişoara 8,697
Tulcea TL Tulcea 8,499
Vaslui VS Vaslui 5,318
Vâlcea VL Râmnicu Vâlcea 5,765
Vrancea VN Focşani 4,857
Bucureşti B (Bucharest municipality) 228
Municipalities of Romania[edit]

Demography of Romania[edit]

Neighbours of Romania[edit]

Government and politics of Romania[edit]

Main article: Government of Romania and Politics of Romania

Branches of the government of Romania[edit]

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Executive branch of the government of Romania[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Romania[edit]

Judicial branch of the government of Romania[edit]

Foreign relations of Romania[edit]

International organization membership[edit]

Romania is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Romania[edit]

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Military of Romania[edit]

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Local government in Romania[edit]

History of Romania[edit]

Main article: History of Romania, Romanian Armed Forces ranks and insignia, and Current events of Romania

Culture of Romania[edit]

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Art in Romania[edit]

Sports in Romania[edit]

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Economy and infrastructure of Romania[edit]

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Education in Romania[edit]

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See also[edit]

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