Outrage Entertainment

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Outrage Entertainment
Industry Video games
Fate Closed
Predecessor Parallax Software
Founded 1996 (1996)
Defunct 2004 (2004)
Key people
Matt Toschlog
Products Descent 3, Red Faction II, Alter Echo
Parent THQ

Outrage Entertainment was a video game developer founded in late 1996 when Parallax Software decided to split in two (Outrage Entertainment and Volition).[1] Their headquarters were located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and had a staff mostly composed of people who worked for Parallax Software. The company is most well known for developing Descent 3, the Microsoft Windows and Xbox ports of Red Faction II, and Alter Echo.

On April 4, 2002, Outrage was acquired by THQ and renamed Outrage Games.[2] The company was officially closed during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2004 due to changes in THQ's internal production development.[3] Many of the staff members have since relocated to Volition.



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